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Serigraph's Universal Language of Quality and Sustainability

Summary: Nick Leifeld’s career has gone full circle from a college ambition of working in the environmental field to his current role more than 35 years later as vice president of corporate compliance environmental health and safety at Serigraph, an industrial graphics company. At Serigraph, Leifeld has held roles including quality manager and vice president of quality; helped meet the requirements of Ford’s Q1 standard, ISO 14000, and ISO TS16949; and helped create a testing lab and validation center. Leifeld has earned five ASQ certifications—CQE, CQT, CQA, CMQ/OE, and CSSBB—and led training for other Serigraph employees seeking certifications. Serigraph looks to ASQ certifications to provide a common language for workers and makes certification a requirement for several job positions.

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