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The ASQ Global State of Quality: Discoveries 2013

Summary: The ASQ Global State of Quality Research is a groundbreaking initiative that identifies quality successes and opportunities from around the world. This unprecedented worldwide research has taken nearly a year and a half to complete, with more than 2,000 survey responses from organizations in more than 22 countries.

“Discoveries 2013” is entitled to be just that: a first view of the data, where we will begin to advance the world’s understanding of and appreciation for what quality is and does. This report uncovers regional quality trends throughout the world and provides a baseline of benchmark data to help you compare your organization to the current state of quality while gaining a solid understanding of local, regional, and global landscapes to pinpoint new growth opportunities. You will find Discoveries 2013 to be a benchmark resource and an actionable report that equips your organization with a practical resource to identify gaps and bridge them.

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