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Who's the Customer in an Employee Assistance Program? Determining Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare

Summary: The critical factor involved in implementing total quality management is shifting the organization’s focus to effectively deal with the customer. Identifying the customer can sometimes become a complex process, especially in situations where the process managers are also the customers of that same organization. In the healthcare field, the primary consumer is the patient; however, for healthcare employee assistance programs a clear distinction is lost: The employee who becomes a patient is now a customer of the program, as is the employee’s supervisor. This article reports on a major case finding where the process itself as a program benefited both the targeted customers and the organization’s primary customers.

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  • Topics: Customer Satisfaction and Value
  • Keywords: Customer satisfaction (CS), Healthcare, Customer requirements, Measures of satisfaction, United States Army Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program(ADAPCP), Measuring success, Survey results, Employee assistance programs
  • Author: Stagliano, Richard; Cloutier, Marc; Richards, John
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation