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Individual Performance Isn't a Solo Activity

Summary: Despite growing awareness in quality management of the importance of teamwork, little attention has been paid to the critical teamwork between a manager and subordinates. But as the importance of co-performance becomes more apparent, one-sided performance appraisals are increasingly replaced by systems for employees to evaluate each other and sometimes their managers. Social comparison theory shows that people evaluate their success by comparing themselves to others. In the workplace, managers who largely define performance criteria have a strong influence on employee performance. The individual and the manager are a dyad in which the manager's behavior is a clear predictor of the subordinate's performance. Employees do not perform solo, but co-perform with their managers; the better the co-performance, the better the results. Co-performance appraisal focuses on the manager-subordinate team as a performing unit, and each are held accountable. Peer feedback from co-performance appraisals can be hard on individuals, but with care and attention the system can be rewarding. The next step after the co-performance appraisal is co-performance planning. This involves with putting the right people in managerial positions. Managers who are task and goal-focused may be effective, but those who understand the uniqueness of subordinates will also see an increase in employee success.

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  • Topics: Quality Management
  • Keywords: Employee relations,Quality management (QM),Performance appraisals,Job analysis
  • Author: Bain, Victoria
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation