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Communication Styles and Conflict

Summary: Understanding communication styles can help resolve conflict on teams. Conflicts are usually issues of style, information needs, or focus, rather than true personality issues. The four basic temperaments described centuries ago by Hippocrates and Galen hold true to some extent today. The sanguine person is an expressive and spirited communicator; the phlegmatic person uses a technical or systematic communication style; the melancholic person is considerate or sympathetic; and the choleric person is bold or direct. A well-functioning team should have all of these communication styles for true effectiveness. While each of us exhibit elements of each style, the greater the flexibility we have, the better we handle possible and actual conflicts.

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  • Topics: Human Resources, Teams
  • Keywords: Behavior modification,Communication,Conflict,Conflict resolution,Facilitation,Human factors,Human relations,Teamwork
  • Author: Jourdain, Kathy
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation