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The Burr XII Distribution in Reliability Analysis

Summary: The Burr XII distribution is similar to the log-normal distribution in that ithas a non-monotone hazard function which can accommodate many shapes of hazard. However, the Burr distribution has the advantages that: a) the Burr cumulative distribution function and reliability function can be written in closed form; thus, it simplifies the conputation ofthe percentiles and the likelihood function for censored data; and b) the Burr XII distribution has algebraic tailswhich are effective for modeling failures that occur with lesser frequency than with corresponding models based on exponential tails. The Burr XII distribution gives the reliability practitioner another model for representing failure data. In this paper, the statistical and probablistic properties of the Burr XII distribution are presented, and its relationship to other distributions used in reliability analyses is described. Itsuse as a model for failure data is outlined, methods for graphical estimation on probability paper are illustrated, and examples of its usage are presented.

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  • Topics:
  • Keywords: Goodness of fit,Graphical methods,Maximum likelihood estimate (MLE),Risk analysis
  • Author: Zimmer, William J.; Keats, J. Bert; Wang, F.K.
  • Journal: Journal of Quality Technology