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On The Monitoring of Linear Profiles

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]

Control chart methods are proposed for process monitoring when the quality of a process or product is characterized by a liner function. Among the methods recommended for Phase I are the use of a bivariate T(2) chart to check for stability of the regression coefficients in conjunction with a univariate Shewhart chart to check for stability of the variation about the regression line. Recommended for Phase II is the use of three univariate control charts which are used to monitor the Y-intercept, the, slope, and the variance of the deviations about the regression line. A simulation study has shown that this type of Phase II method can detect sustained shifts in the parameters better than competing methods in terms of average run length performance.

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  • Topics: Process Management
  • Keywords: Average run length (ARL),Monitoring,Regression,Process quality,Bivariate control,Control charts
  • Author: Kim, Keunpyo; Mahmoud, Mahmoud A.; Woodall, William H.
  • Journal: Journal of Quality Technology