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Minimizing Cost of Multiple Response Systems by Probabilistic Robust Design

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]During the manufacture of a product, the loss-of-quality cost is considered the sum of production cost and the cost for scrapping or reworking products not meeting specifications. This cost is evaluated as the probability of nonconformance multiplied by scrap or rework costs. Probability estimates obtained are adjusted through probabilistic robust designs. The objective function in terms of the means and tolerances of the design variables is obtained by solving a nonlinear, constrained, optimization problem. The proposed method is demonstrated in a case study in which the minimum cost, the probability of conformance, and the respective parameter settings are identified for both complete and zero inspection strategies.

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  • Topics: Cost of Quality, Design of Experiments, Reliability
  • Keywords: Case study,Cost management,Cost of quality (COQ),Robust design,Multiresponse experiment,Reliability,Design efficiencies
  • Author: Savage, Gordon J.; Seshadri, Ravi
  • Journal: Quality Engineering