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Practical Implementation of the Capability Index C(pk) Based on the Control Chart Data

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]Since an estimated capability index is a random variable with a distribution, most practitioners calculate the index from a given sample to determine whether or not the process is capable and reliable. A procedure based on the theory of statistical hypothesis testing is proposed for assessing C(pk) index for determining process capability. In the case under consideration, process measurements are collected as a sequence of independent samples from control chart data. The testing procedure can be derived from normal distribution by using Hamaker's approximation, so that more complicated distribution can be avoided.

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  • Topics: Process Capability
  • Keywords: Approximation,Process capability index (Cpk),Process capability studies,Standard deviation
  • Author: Lin, Hung-Chin; Sheen, Gwo-Ji
  • Journal: Quality Engineering