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Preventive Quality Assurance in the Context of Micromechanical Component Fabrication by Microfeatures

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]The development of microparts demands the development of new manufacturing technologies and quality assurance procedures. Using the Microfeature Catalog as an information database, an approach is presented that operates as the basis for preventive and nonpreventive quality assurance information. The microfeature concept is adapted and evaluated specifically for the fabrication of micromechanical components, creating a closed information loop between design, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

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  • Topics: Quality Assurance, Process Management
  • Keywords: Quality assurance (QA),Quality system,Manufacturing process,Preventative action
  • Author: Spath, Dieter; Fleischer, Jurgen; Elsner, Judith
  • Journal: Quality Engineering