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Noise Strategy in Robust Design: What Aspects of Noise Factors are Important in Quality Engineering?

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]Robust design is important to quality engineering because it can improve the consistency of a system response. However, the correlation and variances of noise factors induced during robust design can influence the success of the quality process. A model-based approach is applied in two case studies to measure these influences. It is shown that for systems having no significant three-factor interactions, correlation among the noise factors can be safely ignored, and it can also be useful to amplify the magnitude of induced noise. Otherwise, noise factors should be used that match the true magnitude and correlation in field conditions. A noise strategy based on these results is proposed.

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  • Topics: Quality Control
  • Keywords: Case study,Hierarchical systems,Noise,Quality control methodology,Robust design
  • Author: Singh, J.; Frey, D.D.; Soderborg, N.
  • Journal: Quality Engineering