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A Decision Support Framework for Product Development

Summary: To be successful in a competitive environment and ever-changing marketplace, companies need to reduce product development times. Introducing new products in a short time requires a total product development approach. This means designers must simultaneously consider a whole gamut of issues, factors, and constraints, such as customer satisfaction, availability of raw materials, manufacturing capacity and capability, environment, quality and safety, and corporate policy and strategy. The concurrency of these considerations increases the complexity of design decisions and calls for the use of appropriate support tools and techniques. Some of the commonly used tools are reviewed here, and a new methodology that overcomes some existing limitations is presented. Concepts and techniques used include axiomatic design, expert rules, and scoring models. The framework can be used to screen several product designs and to eliminate the less feasible ones or to determine the feasibility of a single design. The framework is generic and easy to use and understand. A case study where this framework has been applied to evaluate alternative design proposals is described.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Quality Function Deployment
  • Keywords: Case study,Concurrent engineering,Design quality,Resources,Expert system,Quality function deployment (QFD),Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Author: Raturi, Amit S.; Houshmand, Ali A.; Manek, Hemal S.
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal