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Introduction of Test Process Improvement and the Impact on the Organization:

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.]
Testing organizations are often so under the gun to test products that they have little time to spend on process improvement. By developing and following a process improvement plan, an organization can make substantive improvements to their quality. Although teams are often fearful of process improvement projects, this common pitfall can be avoided by steering the team in small steps along the path to improvement. A case study is presented here which describes the process analysis and process improvement activities that took place over a four-year period in a software testing organization. The process improvement plan used was based on the Software Capability Maturity Model (SWCMM). Some of the resulting benefits include: a greater understanding of how much effort a test cycle requires, real-time test status, empirical data from which to draw estimates for test execution, reproducible test results, easier to read test status sheets, a standard test station, a tightly controlled test environment, systematically corrected errors, and a greater sense of pride and accomplishment.

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