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Do We Need New Machines? A p-Chart and Regression Study

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.]

At Rank Video Services America, thousands of videocassette copies are made from electronic signals of master program tape beamed simultaneously to thousands of commercial-type, slave video cassette recorders (VCRs). When the number of rejects increased and technicians could not repair failed slave VCRs quickly enough, the production capacity of the company was threatened. Using voluminous data collected in computer reports, a p-chart identified a simple truth: that age has a material effect on the ability of a VCR to reproduce the program it receives. A series of successively refined regression analyses were performed to quantify the relationship. The analyses revealed a linear relationship between VCR age and "interchange", a principal product nonconformity. Company management could buy new VCRs with confidence to handle its upcoming peak production period and expect that a lower level of rejects and machine downtime would result.

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  • Topics: Process Management
  • Keywords: Regression,Regression analysis,Case study,Process improvement,Nonconformities,Control charts
  • Author: Heyes, Gerald B.
  • Journal: Quality Engineering