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Management's Use of Statistics in Improving Quality and Productivity - Case Studies

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.]

Statistical methods to improve quality and productivity have become more important in the industrial environment. The approaches are not new, but for them to have a significant impact on companies, the techniques must be accepted by upper management and disseminated throughout the entire organization. McDonnell Douglas Electronics Company has operated under this framework for some years and is receiving consistent paybacks. Some of the methods used are illustrated. Examples presented made a direct contribution to the ability of upper managers to improve their own productivity and quality. The first example uses discriminant analysis as part of a decision process for bidding on contracts. The second example uses a multidimensional scaling method to determine how to locate physically various organizations in an effective manner.

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  • Topics: Quality Control, Process Management
  • Keywords: Case study, Multivariate quality control, Process management, rocess improvement
  • Author: Perry, Robert L.
  • Journal: Quality Engineering