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A Statistical Approach to Inspection System Selection

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.]

A summary of a study statistically comparing the measuring capability of a manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a traditional surface plate inspection system (SPIS) is provided. The study measured the parameters of setup time, measurement time, accuracy, and repeatability for the measurement positions of true position, mold-line location, and angularity. Results were mixed, illustrating for this kind of case that neither system is always best. For the hole true position, neither system was more accurate, but the SPIS was more repeatable and the CMM setup and measurement times were shorter. For the 3-D locations, the SPIS was more accurate, the CMM more repeatable, and the SPIS showed shorter setup and measurement times. For angularity, the SPIS was more accurate, the CMM was more repeatable, and setup and measurement times were not significantly different. According to study results, a simple cost analysis was made to show how the data can be used for management decision making in choosing inspection systems. Research indicates that a comparison of inspection systems using statistical inference can offer useful information for planning inspection activities. The method can be extended to the study of any two inspection systems. For example, a statistical comparison can be made for CMM to CMM. A logical extension of the research would include a study of other features of position and form.

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  • Topics: Cost of Quality, Metrology, Quality Control, Statistics, Inspection
  • Keywords: Cost of quality (COQ),Metrology,Quality control (QC),Statistical quality control (SQC),Statistics,Inspection,Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Inspection error
  • Author: Dellana, Scott A.; Radhakrishnan, Sanjay
  • Journal: Quality Engineering