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Study on Improvement of Blow-Room Performance

Summary: In spinning mills, the blow room is the first of several processing stages of operations. Here, compressed cotton is opened and cleaned of impurities. The degree of cleaning achieved in the blow room influences the yarn quality. This performance is measured by a suitable index called cleaning efficiency (CE). In the mill under consideration, the achieved CE, on average, was below the industry norm of 65-75%. A study was carried out to achieve the norm without increasing the number of beating points, because more beating points may lead to fiber rupture. In the blow room, the number of beating points used by the mill is a per industry norm. Individual beating points were assessed for CE. It was found that CE was low because of two beating points., Experiments were carried out at these two beating points. After these experiments, other beating points were also studied. The study findings were implemented in all blow-room lines and the standard CE was achieved in all the lines.

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  • Topics: Process Management, Quality Assurance, Quality Control
  • Keywords: Blow room,Textile and needle trades,Experiments
  • Author: Sarkar, Ashok
  • Journal: Quality Engineering