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Optimization of Arc-PVD TiN Coating Process Parameters by Taguchi Technique

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] An arc-physical vapor deposition (Arc-PVD) titanium nitride (TiN)-coating process was optimized using a Taguchi technique. Quality characteristics and parameters were defined according to customer requirements and scientific data. Quality function deployment and a cause-and-effect diagram were used. Selected characteristics for evaluation of the coated tools were hardness, surface roughness, adhesion, and coating thickness. The substrate materials were HSS-E drill pins. To control for surface preparation parameters, a similar surface preparation was applied to all samples prior to the coating process. Coating parameters were placed in an L9 orthogonal array, according to the Taguchi approach, and the chosen characteristics were measured. Nine trials were conducted. Analysis of variance indicated that the optimum conditions for coating thickness of coated tools were: cathode current 90 A; reactive gas pressure 5 mtorr; and bias voltage 150V.

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  • Topics: Design of Experiments
  • Keywords: Taguchi method,Optimization,Design of experiments (DOE),Chemical and process industries
  • Author: Keles, O.; Taptik, Y.; Eryilmaz, O. L.; Urgen, M.; Çakir, A. F.
  • Journal: Quality Engineering