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Evaluation of Median-Rank Regression & Maximum Likelihood Estimation Techniques for Two-Parameter Weibull Distribution

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] The Weibull distribution is frequently used to calculate failure times, often from very small sample sizes or censored data. Two common methods for estimating the parameters of a Weibull distribution are maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and median-rank regression (MRR). With small sample sizes, this study finds MRR provides a better estimation than MLE if the data is uncensored. With censored data, the study finds MLE superior as long as the sample size is at least ten.

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  • Topics: Reliability
  • Keywords: Censored data, Maximum likelihood estimate (MLE), Regression, Reliability theory, Sample size, Weibull distribution
  • Author: Olteanu, Denisa; Freeman, Laura
  • Journal: Quality Engineering