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Assessing Component Effects in Formulation Systems

Summary: The purpose of a previous article by one of the authors was to discuss and illustrate how using Six Sigma concepts and approaches can lead to a better understanding of formulation systems. Central to the recommended approach is estimating and interpreting the effects of the components in the formulation on the response variable. Knowledge of components that have no effect, small or large effects (positive or negative), and similar effects is very helpful in understanding how the formulation system works. This understanding helps one decide (1) which components having large effects should be increased or decreased and (2) what to do about components with no effects or similar effects. Correspondence between the authors following the earlier article, along with further review of the literature, has made it evident that the approaches discussed in the earlier article, and the interpretation of component effects in general, need further clarification. That is the focus of this article.

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  • Topics: Six Sigma
  • Keywords: Mixture experiments, Screening, Six Sigma, Industrial engineering, Quality engineering
  • Author: Snee, Ronald D.; Piepel, Greg F.;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering