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Optimal Design of Skip Lot Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for the Weibull Distribution...

Summary: The article proposes the skip lot sampling plan of type SkSP-2 using a group acceptance sampling plan for a time-truncated experiment as the reference plan, called SkGSP-2, when the lifetime of a product follows either the Weibull distribution or the generalized exponential distribution. The percentile life is used as the product quality in the proposed plan because assuring the percentile life is more practical than assuring the mean lifetime. The plan parameters such as the number of groups and the acceptance number are determined such that the specified values of producer's risk and consumer's risk are satisfied simultaneously. Extensive tables are provided for the selection of plan parameters according to various values of experiment time, percentiles ratios, and group size. Real-life examples are also given to illustrate the operation of the proposed plan.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Quality Tools
  • Keywords: Weibull distribution, Exponential distribution, Consumer's risk, Life testing, Sampling plans, Acceptance sampling, Parameter design
  • Author: Aslama, Muhammad; Balamuralib, Saminathan; Junc, Chi-Hyuck; Ahmadd, Munir;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering