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A Simplex Evolutionary Operation for Mixture Production Processes

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] Optimal operating conditions in mixture production processes often drift when there is a variation in the process variables or in the input components. Evolutionary operation is useful for improving online full-scale manufacturing processes by systematically changing the levels of the process variables without jeopardizing the product. This article presents an evolutionary operation procedure for large-scale mixture production processes using regular and non-regular simplexes. This article can be beneficial to practitioners who are interested in the online quality improvement of mixture production processes while maintaining the production amount of the mixture product.

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  • Topics: Process Management
  • Keywords: Mixture variables, Mixture experiments, Evolutionary operation (EVOP), Manufacturing process, Simplex, Process improvement
  • Author: Byun, Jai-Hyun; Kim, Chi-Hwan;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering