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Quality Quandaries: Improving Revenue by Attracting More Clients Online

Summary: This article provides an example of a Lean Six Sigma project with respect to online marketing. Lean Six Sigma deals with improving processes on a project-by-project basis. This specific case study is about improving the sales of a consultancy firm by attracting more clients through its website. The project follows the define–measure–analyze–improve–control (DMAIC) phases, as prescribed by Lean Six Sigma. The article provides a brief background on the case study and describes how the project has been executed following the five phases. The project that the article focuses on was aimed at increasing the number of clients at a consultancy firm. The consultants of the firm give courses and training to professionals within The Netherlands. In addition, they perform academic research in the topics taught. The objective of the project was to increase the number of participants (i.e., clients) in these courses by attracting more leads through the website. This study demonstrates how Lean Six Sigma can help increase revenues through improving online marketing and sales. It illustrates how the DMAIC roadmap helps in providing focus and structure to an improvement project. Core principles of Lean Six Sigma, such as problem structuring with the help of the CTQ flowdown and gathering evidence for proposed influence factors, helped a great deal to manage and focus the process of designing the new website. The project improved the effectiveness of the online acquisition process by approximately 20 percent, leading to potentially 10 percent more clients per year. Finally, the visual management system helped to secure that the new website is retained.

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  • Topics: Six Sigma
  • Keywords: Case study, DMAIC, Six Sigma, Internet, Marketing, Consulting, Internet, World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Author: Zwetsloot, Inez M.; Does, Ronald J.M.M.;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering