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Semiparametric Reliability Model in the Failure Analysis of a Coal-Fired Boiler Used in a Thermal Power Plant—A Case Study

Summary: Reliability of a system varies under different operating conditions like temperature, humidity, dust, maintenance facilities, maintenance personnel skill, operator skill, etc., called “covariates.” Under poor operating environments the reliability decreases. Therefore, for precise estimation of system reliability, the influence of various covariates is included. This article aims to investigate the effect of five covariates on the reliability characteristics of a coal-fired boiler using the Weibull proportional hazard model, a semiparametric reliability model. The results from the case study indicate that there is a substantial decrease in reliability. A preventive maintenance program based on this calculated reliability will be safer to use.

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  • Topics: Engineering
  • Keywords: coal-fired boiler, covariates, semi-parametric reliability model, operating environment, Proportional Hazard Model, thermal power plant, Weibull
  • Author: Debasis Das Adhikary, Goutam Kumar Bose, Dipankar Bose & Souren Mitra
  • Journal: Quality Engineering