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Optimizing Thin Film Tool Coatings Using a Finite Element Computer Simulator

Summary: The application of thin, hard coatings is one of the most effective ways to protect an engineering component operating under heavy contact. We describe a computer experiment for improving the performance of a multilayer titanium nitride/titanium coating architecture using a computational simulator based on an axisymmetric finite element model. From 146 simulator runs made in two sets, the stresses in the coating material were evaluated and used to build a metamodel for optimizing the multilayer system. Complicating features of this engineering application were (1) a nonrectangular input region of coating designs and (2) opposing objectives to be minimized simultaneously.

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  • Topics: Engineering
  • Keywords: Optimization, Experiments, Computers, Architecture, Research, Engineering,
  • Author: Draguljić, Danel; Nekkanty, Srikant; Santner, Thomas; Dean, Angela; Shivpuri, Rajiv;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering