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Quality Quandaries: Precision and Accuracy of Ear Thermometry

Summary: The subject of this quandary is the analysis of measurement systems. Measurement systems are everywhere—we find them at home (bathroom scales, thermostats), in our cars (speedometers, check engine lights), in hospitals (heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors), during sports (stopwatches), and around our wrists (watches). Measurement system analysis (MSA) is the part of applied statistics that attempts to describe, categorize, and evaluate measurement error, improve the usefulness, accuracy, and precision of measurements, and propose methods for developing new and better measurement instruments (Allen and Yen 1979).

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  • Topics: Engineering
  • Keywords: Measurement system, Temperature, Thermometers, Measurement error, Experiments
  • Author: Akkerhuis, Thomas S.; Niemeijer, Gerard C.H.; Trip, Albert; Gemke, Reinoud J.B.J.; Does, Ronald J.M.M.;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering