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Practitioner advice: Dodge and Romig sampling tables: Revisited, refined, and extended-practitioner advice

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] Excel templates together with some VBA code permit great refinements in deriving the sample sizes, n, and acceptance numbers, c, for single sampling plans of the Dodge and Romig (1944, 1959) type that were developed many years ago to achieve optimization via minimum average total inspection (ATI), for ranges of lot sizes, N, and process averages, ¯ p, classified by two indices defined as lot tolerance percent defective (LTPD) and average outgoing quality limit (AOQL). Two Excel templates are presented here by which optimum single sampling plans are derived for specific values of N and ¯ p, rather than for ranges of these quantities. The templates also allow for tweaking results to achieve desired properties and provide numerous additional characteristics of the derived sampling plans. While the D & R tables are limited to 8 LTPD values and 13 AOQL values, the templates are unlimited.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Statistics
  • Keywords: Sampling plans, Average total inspection (ATI), Defects, Defective, Tolerance, Optimization, Outgoing quality, Acceptance sampling
  • Author: Stephens, Kenneth S.
  • Journal: Quality Engineering