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Monitoring multivariate process variability when sub-group size is small

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] The current practice of multivariate process variability monitoring, when sub-group size is small, has nothing to do with probability of false alarm (PFA). Consequently, the reliability of the existing control charts remains undetermined. In this article, we propose a control chart which is reliable, very sensitive to the change in variance for small or moderate correlation, and provides a root causes analysis of an out-of-control signal. To illustrate these advantages, an industrial example is presented and the results are compared with those issued from the existing methods.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Statistics
  • Keywords: Multivariate, Process variability, Average run length (ARL), Normal distribution, Control charts, False alarm rate (FAR), Size
  • Author: Djauhair, Maman Abdurachman; Sagadavan, Revathi; Li, Lee Siaw;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering