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Analyzing Behavioral Big Data:Methodological, practical, ethical, and moral issues

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] The term “big data” evokes emotions ranging from excitement to exasperation in the statistics community. Looking beyond these emotions reveals several important changes that affect us as statisticians and as humans. I focus on Behavioral Big Data (BBD), or very large and rich multidimensional datasets on human behaviors, actions, and interactions, which have become available to companies, governments, and researchers. This article describes the BBD landscape and examines opportunities and critical issues that arise when applying statistical and data mining approaches to Behavioral Big Data, including the move from macro- to micro-decisioning and its implications.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Statistics
  • Keywords: Big data, Behavior, Data, Experiments, Surveys, Analysis, Technology
  • Author: Shmueli, Galit
  • Journal: Quality Engineering