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Performing competitive analysis in QFD studies using state multipole moments and bootstrap sampling

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] QFD often makes use of Likert scales to convert opinions into data for analysis. Likert scales are prone to bias in relation to their labeling, interpretation, and distributional assumptions. Analysis is often based on means, without regard to variation or distribution shape, making inferential statistical procedures unreliable. We present a method for extracting increased information from Likert data using State Multipole Moments, and use bootstrap sampling to enable the moments to be statistically compared. We demonstrate application using a published QFD competitor analysis, showing how this method can enable practitioners to perform statistical comparisons resulting in improved decision making.

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  • Topics: Engineering, Quality Function Deployment, Statistics
  • Keywords: Quality function deployment (QFD), Bootstrap methods, Statistics, Comparison, Analysis
  • Author: Iqbal, Zafar; Grigg, Nigel P.; Govindaraju, K.;
  • Journal: Quality Engineering