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Performance Appraisals in Quality Award-Winning Companies: Does Practice Follow Prescription?

Summary: Within the quality literature there are two opposing schools of thought with regard to the performance appraisal. The followers of W. Edwards Deming would like to see it abolished, while many practitioners and academics perceive there to be a strong need for the appraisal of individual performance. This article investigates the performance appraisal processes of organizations that have won quality awards. Performance appraisal systems of 20 quality award-winning organizations were evaluated against the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to determine if these organizations employ a common approach to the performance appraisal. In addition, the research sought to determine if the performance appraisal systems of these organizations aligned with the Deming system appraisal philosophy or with the traditional appraisal of the individual methodology. The implications of the findings are discussed relative to using the appraisal process as a driver to improve individual and system performance.

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  • Topics: Baldrige Program, Career Development
  • Keywords: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA),Systems,Goals,Professional development
  • Author: Frye, Thomas J.; Bauer, Lawrence T.
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal