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Wearing the Hat of Quality: What Does It Really Mean?

Summary: This article examines how quality professionals are sometimes perceived less than favorably by others in their organizations, and how such perceptions can limit the effectiveness of those professionals. The label or title provided to any function can limit the extent of benefit it can bring to a company. This holds true for the quality function. In some companies, the role of professionals in this field is relegated to product and manufacturing processes, and sometimes even branded as interference. While in many companies the quality department and their philosophies are considered keys to the success of the company, other companies may not practice this principle. In the author's 30-year tenure in operations management, he has been pleasantly surprised by the mindset and methodologies of quality professionals on whom he could always count in solving problems, many times outside of the product and process realms. The article presents several scenarios that illustrate how quality professionals are directly related to the growth, cash flow, and profitability of companies.

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  • Topics: Quality Assurance, Quality Function Deployment
  • Keywords: Professionals, Quality profession, Role changes, Quality functions, Organizational structure
  • Author: Yankelevitch, Sam;
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal