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Low Resource Gage Screening

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.] Quality managers are responsible for maintaining gage surveillance systems and ensuring compliance to ISO/TS requirements. Resource requirements for current approaches make ongoing assessment of gage variability and functional accuracy costly for a large number of gages often found in manufacturing operations. Any industry with facilities having variable gages is potentially impacted by gage assessment costs or the consequences of no assessment. This research addresses the quality manager’s question of how to proactively screen a large number of gages for variation concerns using limited resources. Damaging variation in measurements can arise since the time of gage purchase due to wear or new, inexperienced personnel. Gage triage analysis is a range-based statistical procedure that enables efficient, cost-effective screening of a large number of gages for variability and/or functional accuracy. The ease of implementation will appeal to quality managers: two to five appraisers each measure the same 10 parts one time. This process is estimated to use less than 50 percent of the resources of current methods while also reducing production disruption time. The gage triage analysis (GTA) gage ranking is shown to identify likely high variability gages, which should be confirmed with traditional methods. This proactive screening can identify problem-gaging processes before issues occur and avoid some gage-related quality upsets.

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  • Topics: Quality Management, Statistics, Total Quality Management
  • Keywords: Gauges, Screening, Monitoring, Accuracy and precision, Gage Repeatability and reproducibility studies (GR&R), Efficient
  • Author: Kane, Victor E.;
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal