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Weighted Inspection Sampling Methods Based on Winsorization

Summary: [This abstract is based on the author's abstract.] Sampling inspection methods used in industrial quality control normally take the form of inspection-by-attributes or inspection-by-variables methods. Inspection-by-attributes sampling plans are noted for their robustness with respect to the distribution of the characteristic of interest. Inspection-by-variables sampling plans, on the other hand, are designed based on an assumed continuous distribution (usually a normal distribution) and, therefore, are not necessarily robust, as departures from this assumed distribution are encountered in practice but do permit relatively smaller sample sizes than would be required under an equivalent attributes sampling plan. In this paper the author provides a new method for sampling inspection. The sample size levels and robustness of the new method lies in between the two classical inspection-by-variables and inspection-by-attributes sampling plans. The new method is designed and explained, and its equivalence to the classical methods is established. The sample size performance is thoroughly investigated and compared for the traditional and equivalent new methods. Their robustness is discussed at a preliminary level.

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  • Topics: Inspection, Statistics, Total Quality Management
  • Keywords: Inspection sampling, Attributes sampling plans, Variables sampling plans, Truncated data, Outliers
  • Author: Malik, Malik Beshir
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal