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The Role of Strategic Planning in Implementing a Total Quality Management Framework: An Empirical View

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] This empirical study examines the significant role of strategic planning as an important dimension in successfully implementing total quality management (TQM) and confirming that strategic planning is likewise extremely important. This article presents the results of a questionnaire that was used to gather data on strategic planning from members on different management levels of eight South African Air Force bases that apply TQM. Strategic planning’s essential role in implementing TQM and improving services and products is analyzed, where TQM and strategic planning are fully integrated into organizational operations. From 14 TQM dimensions identified to represent the TQM framework, empirical results indicate that strategic planning is an influential dimension to implement TQM successfully. Findings were shown to be reliable and valid to further research on the impact of strategic planning when implementing TQM within the business environment. The findings offer useful indicators for decision makers on how to use strategic planning to improve and ensure successful TQM implementation.

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  • Topics: Total Quality Management
  • Keywords: Strategic planning, Total Quality Management (TQM), Implementation, Improvement, Questionnaires
  • Author: Oschman, Jacobus Johannes
  • Journal: Quality Management Journal