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Column: Creating a Shift: When People Are Ready to Act

Summary: A major problem encountered by people managing change is determining how fast to implement the changes - too fast creates resistance and too slow stifles enthusiasm. People confronted with change want to know why the change is necessary and how the change can be accomplished. The why question must be addressed first if you expect people to be interested in how to accomplish a change. Rational data is an effective way to address some issues, but critical issues demand that the urgency of changing be conveyed to others. Although popular, slide shows won't fire people's enthusiasm for change. Engaging in conversation gives people the opportunity to explore both sides of the issue. Open book management prepares people for change ahead of time by keeping them informed on issues that concern the organization. This allows them to see for themselves what changes might be necessary, preparing them to move from the "why" to the "how" stage of change.

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  • Topics: Change Management
  • Keywords: Change management,Change strategies,Resistance,Employee involvement (EI),Motivation,Communication
  • Author: Maurer, Rick
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation