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Beyond Success: Achieving Synergy in Teamwork

Summary: Consideration of what is meant by the terms "team" and "teamwork" is essential to the team's ultimate success. Basically, people having a common goal or task may be considered a team, but to operate effectively, team members must achieve a level of integration of values, purpose, attitudes, and action, and must clearly understand the benefits for themselves and the team. Team success is greatest when the level of collaboration produces synergy. Synergy occurs when the team's output significantly exceeds that which individual team members would have achieved working separately. This requires a shift in the core values and beliefs of the participants and a supportive environment with policies designed to minimize competition and encourage relationships among members. Specific suggestions for creating this environment are discussed.

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  • Topics: Teams
  • Keywords: Corporate culture,Organizational culture,Teams,Trust,Team effectiveness,Core values,Collaboration,Teamwork
  • Author: Lawford, G. Ross
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation