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Long-Term Investments Can Yield High Returns

Summary: A comparison is made between conventional bank accounts and the relationships we have with people with whom we communicate every day. We can make deposits in or withdrawals from each other’s emotional bank accounts. Examples of deposits include keeping promises, offering to help out, or doing something without being asked. Withdrawals involve not following through on commitments, failing to pass on important information, or being rude. The influence we have in a relationship is only over the deposits and withdrawals we make. We can’t control people’s actions or how they respond. Proactive people focus on their sphere of influence and are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment. They do not waste time and energy on things they can’t influence. Acknowledging the uniqueness of others and working to build bridges in communication and relationships is an investment that will pay big dividends in the long run.

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  • Topics: Customer Satisfaction and Value
  • Keywords: Customer service, Communication, Relationship-building, Motivation, Human relations, Interpersonal skills
  • Author: Haberstok, Jo
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation