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Coaching as an Approach to Enhance Performance

Summary: Coaching, or continued inspiration and facilitation of performance, learning and development, bridges the gap between training and work. Research conducted at El-Nasr Hospital tested the hypothesis that coaching nurses after training in life support skills would help them better retain those skills in the work environment. Three data collection tools were developed and used: a questionnaire for nurses on basic life support knowledge, a competency test for the nurses’ life support skills and a questionnaire for head nurses to assess their knowledge of coaching. These assessments were used to develop a training course for staff nurses and a coaching awareness course given to half the head and charge nurses. The assessments were performed again immediately after training and four months after the completion of training. While 76 percent of the staff nurses scored highly for knowledge of basic life support and 86 percent scored highly for basic life support skills immediately ! after testing, only 13 percent had high knowledge scores and five percent had high skill scores after four months if they were uncoached. Among coached staff nurses, 83 percent earned high scores for knowledge and 90 percent earned high scores for skill. Before training, over half of head and charge nurses were unaware of the key aspects and definitions of coaching, while 95 percent were aware of all key aspects of coaching after training.

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  • Topics: Career Development
  • Keywords: Case study, Coaching, Healthcare industry, Performance management, Questionnaires, Testing, Training techniques
  • Author: Taie, Eman Salman
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation