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Integrating Quality, Social Responsibility, and Risk: Key Principles and Important Tools

Summary: The first article in this series argued that overall quality of life for an organization is contingent on decisions made by management, and that decisions in four critical areas will determine whether that organization will succeed or fail. Those areas are 1) the risk it can tolerate; 2) the quality of the products and services it provides; 3) the consistency of the processes used to design, make, and deliver those products and services; and 4) how it faces its social responsibilities in an increasingly complex global community. This second article in the series explains how three well-known international standards that relate directly to these areas (ISO 9001 on quality management, ISO 26000 on social responsibility, and ISO 31000 on risk management) can provide a framework capable of fostering success and minimizing the impact of problems.

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  • Topics: Risk Management
  • Keywords: Quality management (QM), Risk management, ISO 9000, Product quality, Service quality, International Standards Organization (ISO), Process quality, Standards and specifications, ISO 26000, ISO 31000, Social responsibility (SR), Integrated management system
  • Author: Robinson, Christine
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation