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Bonus Article: Security and Progress: Two Very Personal Viewpoints

Summary: Security and progress are among those terms that depend heavily on personal interpretation. We talk about security in the context of our jobs, homes, and/or families. In reality, however, does security mean the same thing to everyone who uses the term in association with these factors? Similarly, we use the word progress to indicate some kind of movement ahead, but does one person’s determination of progress always align with others’ perceptions? This article presents a brief scenario and discussion related to both of these terms. Security is a paradox; although many of us consider it to be important and continually pursue it, in reality it is unattainable. If we perceive life as being naturally in a state of flux, we will be better prepared, avoiding disappointment. We can be more relaxed in our approach toward everything. In regard to progress, although it is not necessary to avoid material advancement totally, we need to remain vigilant about over-emphasizing this as a priority, which may result in the loss of far more important essentials, such as peace of mind and personal gratification. Treading a more balanced path is the key to real progress in life.

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  • Topics: Innovation
  • Keywords: Innovation, Security, Job security, Perspectives, Goals
  • Author: Marques, Joan;
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation