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A Study in Developing a Participation Plan for a Quality Management Class

Summary: The voice of the customer (VoC) is referred to in business as the mandatory route for enterprises to focus on developing and improving products and services. Detailed quality function deployment(QFD) analyses are performed to uncover the VoC. In the academic setting, unfortunately, the professor often prepares the syllabus without student input on preferences regarding grading scales, types of testing, reading requirements, etc. The course content is often the reflection of the textbook selected, which may or may not capture the students’ particular interest or needs in their career disciplines. Student VoC is often completely dismissed, even in the classes devoted to quality subjects where the VoC is taught as the appropriate and critically important route to effectiveness in determining the customers’ needs and wants. Previous work by Pia Sandvik et al. also noted this disparity, “... needs of the customers (primarily students) are all too rarely investigated, evaluated, and included as input variables to the design process.”1 It seems ironic in a quality management course to not survey the customers (students) regarding their preferences for course content.

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  • Topics: Quality Function Deployment
  • Keywords: Voice of customer (VoC), Quality function deployment(QFD),
  • Author: Plum, David M.; Strangfeld, Scott A.
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation