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Leadership Lessons Gleaned From a Facilitation Mindset

Summary: This article recommends facilitation approaches that leaders can use to positive effect. It discusses the theoretical divergence between the facilitator as a leader and the leader as a facilitator. Characteristic activities of successful facilitators and facilitative leaders are described, including building and maintaining professional knowledge; planning appropriate group processes; creating and sustaining a participatory environment; managing group conflict, encouraging group creativity; guiding the group; fostering self-awareness and trust; and modeling a positive, professional attitude. The authors conclude that it is essential that leaders who are acting as facilitators set aside their normal directive and oversight roles and shift to practices that let group members take the conversational lead. In this respect, the leader may set the direction for the task and associated discussion, but he/she becomes a servant of the group while the task is being accomplished.

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  • Topics: Leadership
  • Keywords: Leadership, Leader, Facilitation, Facilitators
  • Author: Gesell, Izzy; Hopen; Deborah
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation