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Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce: Are Millennial Employees Changing How Managers Manage?

Summary: Expectations were high when the large, well-educated millennial generation began filtering into the workforce a decade ago. For many managers there was a very real concern whether or not the new generation of employees would prove to be assets or liabilities. Generation Y had gained a certain reputation for technological savvy, strong collaborative skills, and extreme self-confidence, all of which could make them a dynamic part of any workforce. Many millennials, however, had also gained a reputation for poor work habits, a lack of initiative, unrealistic expectations, and low respect for authority. Whenever Generation Y’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed it’s also important to separate myth from reality. Most of the negative perceptions about millennials are based on a flood of books and articles that haven’t always painted a positive picture. Time magazine, for example, published a cover story last year called “The Me, Me, Me Generation,” which garnered a lot of attention when it discussed the worst traits of millennials. Looking beyond the stereotypes, both positive and negative, it appeared to be time to determine what impact millennial employees have actually had on their managers. Have they proven to be the challenge that many feared, or are they hard working, valuable employees? To find out, a survey of managers was conducted to learn whether supervisors manage millennials differently from how they traditionally manage older employees.

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  • Topics: Leadership
  • Keywords: Workforce, Survey, Culture,
  • Author: Ferri-Reed, Jan
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation