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The Value of Using the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework in Manufacturing Organizations

Summary: Over the years, the number of manufacturing organizations applying for the Baldrige Award has dwindled to a noticeably small number. Studies and questionnaires conducted reveal several reasons for this: the award was perceived by many organizations in the manufacturing sector as difficult to apply for, the benefit from winning the award was not adequate enough for the investment, and many organizations were already using alternative methods that more or less fit their needs. Other reservations that respondents cited were assessment fatigue, lack of interest, and lack of time and resources. It is recommended that the Baldrige Award has separate criteria for organizations in the manufacturing sector, so as to generate more interest and get more organizations to apply.

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  • Topics: Baldrige Program, Quality Management
  • Keywords: Baldrige, Manufacturing, Quality improvement (QI), Quality awards, Surveys, Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Author: Bandyopadhyah, Prabir Kumar; Leonard, Denis
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation