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Courage in the Face of Nonsense: Leading in the Workplace

Summary: Overabundance of rules and regulations from society overall often creeps into the workplace and stifles the spirit of workers, rather than raising spirits. Nonsensical warning labels and rules governing personal dress, appropriate meal times and other small matters reduce the risk of legal actions for an organization and help protect workers. However, this culture of rules and regulations also removes the personal responsibility from people and instead treats employees as children that must follow strict and numerous rules. Environments with overregulation tend to annoy and frustrate the average worker with common sense, instead of encouraging creativity, engagement and hard work. Strong leadership is needed to combat this tendency to employ strict rules by instead promoting an organization's principles or ideas that any employee can ascribe to and work towards. Acknowledging and being able to laugh at the common workplace nonsense in today's culture is essential to overcome cynicism and move forward with solutions.

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  • Topics: Leadership, Human Resources, Best Practices
  • Keywords: Leadership, Principles, Culture, Regulations, Legal actions, Compliance
  • Author: Hacker, Stephen
  • Journal: Journal for Quality and Participation