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Readiness Plan

Summary: System reliability is a key requirement for a system to function successfully under the full range of conditions experienced in the oil industry. Approaches to improve design reliability are discussed as well as two critical system reliability requirements: mistake avoidance and robustness. Mistake, in this case, is defined as the error due to design decision and manufacturing operations. Examples of mistakes in product development include missing components, installing a component backwards or interpreting a software command as being expressed in inches when it’s actually in centimeters. Product reliability can be improved by reducing the incidence of such mistakes through a combination of knowledge-based engineering and problem-solving processes, such as Six Sigma’s define, measure, analyze,improve and control (DMAIC). Robustness is the ability of a system to function (that is, insensitive to the user’s environment to avoid failure) under the full range of conditions that may be experienced in the field. This article covers the second challenge—robustness— by proactively factoring design for reliability (DFR) efforts through transfer function-based robustness improvement in the design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach. DFSS is a method that calls on many of the fundamental design tools such as robust design. By using DFSS along with a well-defined reliability plan, you can know when to use which tool and how to integrate each together to produce a reliable product in the shortest amount of time.

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  • Topics: Six Sigma, Reliability
  • Keywords: Six Sigma, Reliability, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Design for Reliability (DFR), DMAIC, Robust design,
  • Author: Hu, Matthew;
  • Journal: Six Sigma Forum Magazine