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Visual Effects

Summary: This article discusses visual management, which can be defined as a management system that attempts to improve organizational performance through connecting and aligning organizational vision, core values, goals and culture with other management systems, work processes, workplace elements and stakeholders, by means of stimuli, which directly address one or more of the five human senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting). While visual management has been adopted successfully in many different settings, such as offices, call centers, and other service industries, the software world has always found it difficult to implement this approach effectively. The article examines a business process outsourcing company's efforts to implement visual management for software projects, and explores some critical elements in the eventual solution. The author concludes that a visual management approach should use the correct metrics; uncover any issues that need attention; and contain information that teams can use to make decisions.

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  • Topics: Six Sigma, Quality Tools, Lean, Software Quality
  • Keywords: Six Sigma, Quality tools, Visual management, Project management, Lean, Case study, Management styles, Performance management, Software industry, Software quality, Quality tools, Outsourcing
  • Author: Margabandhu, Rajendra;
  • Journal: Six Sigma Forum Magazine