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Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] Much has been written and heard about the U.S. government’s healthcare site, The issues with the launch, admissions about project management failures, and excessive waste — to name a few — have been hashed over in blogs, debated in government hearings, and analyzed in the press. The project drew a focus to all areas of software development, particularly software planning, project management, development, testing, the user interface design, and overall quality. Members of several groups of software professionals were invited to provide feedback. Included were ASQ-certified software quality engineers, the editors and editorial review board members of SQP, and other software colleagues and practitioners. This article, edited by Trudy Howles, is a compilation of input from the contributors: Leo Clark, Laurie Dringus, Eva Freund, Leonard Jowers, Rupa Mahanti, Rajendra Raj, and Malcolm Stiefel.

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  • Topics: Software Quality
  • Keywords: Health care, Software, Software quality, Federal government, Internet, Product development, World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Author: Howles, Trudy; Clark, Leo; Dringus. Laurie P.; Freund, Eva; Jowers, Leonard; Mahanti, Rupa; Raj, Rajendra; Stiefel, Malcolm;
  • Journal: Software Quality Professional Magazine