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Software and Data Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] Cloud computing is causing a transformational shift in the way people do business, manage software, and pursue data security in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Cloud computing offers multiple benefits for industry, but it also raises many security concerns from customers, which, if not well understood and managed by organizations, can increase fear and turn the cloud experience into an information security disaster, due to loss of visibility and control over software and data assets. Many organizations are taking a cautious attitude toward cloud computing because of concerns that cloud solutions might not comply with their security policies and respective regulatory obligations. Thus, the adoption of cloud technologies should always be subject to careful evaluation and, in particular, be aligned and integrated with risk management processes and information security governance in the organization. In many instances, it is not clear who is responsible for data security and regulatory compliance in the cloud: the cloud service customer, the cloud service provider, or both. This article is based on professional experience working with clients who are beginning the process of adopting cloud computing. It offers a practical approach and real solutions for industry leaders implementing cloud services, migrating software applications, and storing sensitive data in the cloud, all while seeking to satisfy regulatory requirements.

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  • Topics: Software Quality
  • Keywords: Compliance, Data, Service, Security, Regulations, Customers
  • Author: Novkovic, Goran; Korkut, Tatjana
  • Journal: Software Quality Professional Magazine